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Dive Headfirst Into Dave Skattum's Four Main Principles

Are you unhappy or unfulfilled in your life? As men, we are constantly bombarded with messages about what it means to be a "real man." We are told that we need to be strong, stoic, and that we should never show weakness. This can be incredibly damaging, as it can lead us to believe that we are not allowed to have emotions or to express ourselves. It can also lead us to believe that we are not allowed to ask for help when we need it.

Men are capable of great change. With proper nutrition, exercise, accurate thinking, and spirituality, men can improve their lives in many ways. Better sleep, increased energy, and improved mental clarity are just some of the benefits that come from making these positive changes. In addition, men who make these changes often find that their relationships improve, and they are better able to handle stress.

Making these changes can be difficult, but it is worth it. Men who are able to stick with it often find that their lives are transformed in ways they never thought possible.

In an age of amazing wealth, health and technological achievements, more and more people are still realizing that something is missing. Dave Skattum is a health guru and inspirational speaker who has dedicated his life to helping others change their lives for good. His teachings are compiled in The 4 Pillars of Mens Health.

Use this site as the launchpad to the next chapter in your life. Enroll in his online courses, listen to his podcast or purchase his bestselling book to learn more.

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Who Is Dave Skattum?

In my late 40’s, I had a good friend get his leg amputated because of advanced diabetes. Like me, he hadn’t been living a healthy lifestyle. This event traumatized me. I knew I had to make some changes or I could end up laying on that hospital bed like my friend.

Thus, began my journey to better health. Today, I am doing things I would never have dreamed of doing, even in my 20’s, like ultra-trail running, triathlons and century bike rides, I have never been in such good of shape—physically, mentally and emotionally! I am eating healthy nutritious foods that enable my body to function at a high level. I have uncovered many secrets behind the power of correct thinking and an active spiritual life. And most of all, I have found my life’s mission—to help as many men as possible find whole health so they can complete their life’s mission.


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Learn more about the four pillars

Anyone trying to sell one trick or secret to a successful life probably doesn’t have all of the answers. It takes a well-rounded approach to achieve total wellness. In Dave Skattum’s online courses, you’ll get to dive into his four main principles:

  1. Nutrition—fuel your body with proper nutrients
  2. Exercise—train your body, increase blood flow and improve overall health
  3. Accurate thinking—nurture positive thoughts to grow and flourish
  4. Spirituality—reflect upon and understand your place in the universe

Everyone’s struggles are unique, and therefore everyone’s path will be different. The four pillars in Dave Skattum’s doctrine are meant to guide and accompany you on your own personal journey.

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